"The mechanistic aspects of "Strange Harvest" remain constant throughout, an insistent thump that's halfway between Factory and Wax Trax!, while Jasmine Golestaneh's vocals become increasingly distorted and blown-out. Within its four minutes, the slow burn of "Strange Harvest" reaches a point of self-immolation.."

"Hell Hotline," a slice of achingly melodic, drum machine-driven guitar-pop seems the sum of its own subtly shaded paradoxes: downcast and buoyant, terse and expansive, icy and sentimental. Today, they're debuting a Bela Borsodi-directed clip for the cut, underscoring the song's propulsive chug with fills of strobing color."

"Tempers' moody, hypnotic melodies meld together the values of art, intellectualism and emotion through a deep, intense sound that feels as though it could score a David Lynch film."

"They're a ticking time bomb at this point, ready to blow up at any minute."

"A band that makes music so resolutely otherworldly; songs like "Strange Harvest" and "Hell Hotline" are heavy on atmosphere - dissonant guitars and murky beats bouyed aloft by Golestaneh's crystalline vocals."

"While guitarist Cooper calmly works his droning guitar and layers in his bass voice here and there, Golestaneh, her voice somewhere between Bonnie Tyler and Kim Gordon, hovers on a magic carpet of reverb between dark wave, shoegaze and synth pop, a celebration of the black, glittering power of the night. A nod to the eighties, paired with driving house rhythms, like The XX on speed. And then finally, during the encore, as parts the audience, euphorically embraced, surrender to the pounding bass, it becomes clear: if this magnificent band's concert wasn't sold out, Munich has only itself to blame."

"Distinctly dark and throbbing - it's like they've latched onto a perfect formula and given it an extra jolt of life, for good luck."